Our commitment to your safety – Covid 19

We really can’t wait to welcome you all back and whilst observing our stringent safety measures, aim to create the same warm welcome that we have always strived to deliver.

Hygiene and cleanliness have always been a top priority at the Clock House and this is especially so in the present times we find ourselves in. In response to the spread of Covid-19 and in line with Government guidance, we have made a few important changes to protect everyone. 

Most importantly, if you should develop any Covid-19 symptoms, we ask that you stay at home and we will move your stay to a later date when you are recovered. It is equally important that you notify us as soon as possible if you should develop any symptoms during or after your stay.

What additional measures have we put in place to help keep you safe?

  • We have moved the check in time to 4pm and check out to 9am to allow for thorough and additional cleaning between guests.
  • We have removed non-essential items such as books, board games, leaflets and maps and guest books in order to minimise contact points.
  • We have provided an antibacterial dispenser at the house for you to use during your stay. Please do not remove this from the house.
  • We have increased our already rigorous cleaning routine to include the following:
  • We will be cleaning with:
    • E5 – a food safe bacterial cleaner
    • V1 – a powerful viricidal cleaner
    • BC4000 – a disinfectant cleaner that is spayed and air dries.
  • Every surface and “hot spot” (such as door handles, doors, light switches and remote controls) will be thoroughly cleaned on every turnover.
  • Keys and keypads will be disinfected after each guest.
  • Cleaners will wash their hands when they arrive at the property and on leaving and use bacterial gel frequently.
  • Cleaners will wear PPE, such as gloves, shoe coverings, aprons, and masks. These will be safely disposed of after each use.
  • Bed Linen and towels will be washed professionally at a high temperature.   
  • All cleaning materials will be placed in bags and disposed of.
  • Cleaners will open windows to allow ventilation throughout the property


  • In order to minimise handling of personal items, we ask that you:
  • bag up any rubbish before vacating, ensuring that tissues and face wipes are inside a bag and then put inside the black bin liners
  • Strip the bedding and place in the plastic bag provided
  • Load the dishwasher and start the programme before vacating.
  • Guests must sign to confirm that nobody is or was ill on arriving and on vacating.
  • Guests must agree to cancel or postpone their trip should they develop symptoms prior to    their arrival.
  • Guests must agree to alert the owner should you develop they symptoms during their stay.
  • Guests must have vacated before the cleaner arrives to clean the property after check-out or during a pre-arranged mid-stay clean.

We are also part of the Sawday’s Clean and Safe Charter